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Why Do I Bother? October 3, 2009

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Since I’m a new blogger, as of this writing, no one is reading my blog.  I take that as a sign that no one knows I’m here, as well as a sign that I am not saying anything particularly original – although the latter is based on my true concern.  Since I’m not saying anything particularly original, there seems to be no reason to bother.  So, why do I bother?

I have been on a personal journey of self education for over a year now, and I have never felt more passionate about who I am and what I stand for.  As the presidential election of 2008 rolled around, and America saw its first black president get elected, I have noticed that the losing side of the election has been extremely vocal.  I have tried to point out that the conservatives need to take a far more serious look at themselves, and why they lost so badly, as opposed to spending their time attacking the current administration.  This is one example of why I bother, and I see a pattern.

In my journey to free myself from religion, and announce it to myself, as well as friends and family, I am far more sensitive to religious ideologies, beliefs, and agendas (especially political agendas.)  But outside of the political arena, there are other agendas such as the effort to have biblical creationism taught in public science classes.  I have now been exposed to creationists and their agenda, and I can say with a fair amount of certainty, that they are not interested in proving their creationist position, but rather, they are interested in tearing down the theory of evolution.  This is a pattern.  Attack that which you don’t agree with, as opposed to having an original thought, or idea, with good evidence to support it.

Whether creationists (evolution deniers) and conservatives are the same group or not is not all that important.  What is very important however, is that evolution is a scientific theory which happens to have more evidence than any other idea at the moment.  But science is not so dogmatic that it will hang on to this theory if conflicting evidence shows it to be false.  Science will adjust, as it always does, eventually.  The entire body of evidence for evolution is up for grabs!  Anyone can debunk the theory and win a Nobel prize.  Yet, they have not done so, because they would rather spend their time attacking evolution because it puts their particular religion in jeopardy in some way.  Just like the conservatives spend their time attacking the administration that won the election by a land slide – instead of going back to work on their own party in preparation for the next election.  Too bad, really.

Even though I’m not breaking any records for readership (except for being one of the totally unread), I feel compelled to work on my thoughts in the blogosphere, and continue to reach for more original thoughts on topics that have been thought about for centuries – a daunting task, but a worthwhile one for me.  I bother because dogmatic thinking is dangerous, and it leaves me feeling like humanity is doomed.  I bother because attacking your opponent, while it can be temporarily effective, wears out fast.  I bother because I don’t like groups who try to tell people what to think, as opposed to convincing them with a solid, rational argument.



1. Mr Tyke - October 3, 2009

In general, I’ve found that religious types and the “liberal elite” tendx to be the worst culprits for not wanting to engage in debate.

2. Mr Tyke - October 3, 2009

In general, I’ve found that religious types and the “liberal elite” tend to be the worst culprits for not wanting to engage in debate.

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