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Who is More Open Minded? October 8, 2009

Posted by jetson in Personal.
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I was discussing open-mindedness with a friend who is a Christian.  This person seemed to be telling me that because I don’t believe in a god (and therefore I’m not spiritual), that I am certainly not as open-minded as someone who does believe in a god.  This is confusing and defies common sense in my opinion.  I think I understand the intent behind the thought, but it just defies logic to think that a Christian, for example, who denies all other gods, could possibly be more open-minded.  I am an atheist to all known gods at the moment.  A Christian is an atheist to all known gods, except his own.  So we differ by only one god.  However, I am open to accepting any god that is shown to be real, and worthy of believing in.  In other words, I am completely open-minded to the idea of a real god, and I would certainly acknowledge and consider all possibilities.

I have said to this particular friend that I find it highly unlikely that any gods of history, or of current religions will ever be proven to be real.  I believe it is this statement that has caused my friend to consider that I am not as open-minded, and I don’t think this argument stands up to logic.  However, I don’t expect to find logic in these conversations because the mindset is too closed to the possibility of being wrong, which causes believers to reverse the argument by thinking that because I don’t find the evidence of their god compelling, I am not open-minded.  Will the one true god, please stand up!



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