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You Can’t Fool God October 11, 2009

Posted by jetson in Personal.
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I was watching a video on YouTube by “Defender of Reason.”  The video was talking about the idea that Christians, for example, have signed an insurance agreement, to which they are guaranteed a place in heaven, and to which they only need to go to church once a week and donate money to the church.  However, it went on to say that these Christians don’t bother reading the “fine print” of this agreement, so they commit “sins” at the same or higher rate than non-Christians, with the belief that their insurance policy will be there when they finally need it – at the gates of Heaven.

I do not place ALL Christians in this group.  They would not consider this idea of a guarantee through an “insurance policy” even worthy of serious discussion.  I know there are many people who are genuinely good people, they do not break the law, they hold no bigoted opinions towards others who disagree, and they generally contribute in positive ways to their communities and societies.  These people are what I call reasonable humans – no matter what their personal beliefs are.

The video did mention something very important however, and that is that you cannot fool God.  If you are a Christian, all of your thoughts and deeds, and your entire life in fact, are a part of God’s plan.  Some say you get to choose those things, but they also say that God is fully aware of your decisions, even before you make them.  No matter which combination of these ideas you agree with or not, you just can’t fool God (God of The Bible.)

When you arrive at the gates of heaven, as the video author points out, there will be no excuses, no apologetic utterances, and certainly no getting around the fact that at 2:33 p.m. on Tuesday, 17 years earlier, you sinned.  When you combine all of your sins, and all of the forgivens through prayer, accepting Jesus, confessions, etc., the final decision is up to God.  And you, being such a mortal being, cannot escape that judgment – one that you really have no idea is worthy of heaven or not (no one really knows who makes it to heaven, now do we.)

I know there are plenty of guilty people roaming our communities instead of serving any punishment for their crimes.  They got away with it, so to speak.  As well, there are plenty of innocent people sitting in prison, wondering what went wrong, and how they ended up there at all.  The system failed in both cases.  But the system of judgment from God is infallible, and it can only be perfect.  This means that no matter how good or bad a person is, their correct place in Heaven, if so decided by God, is perfect and correct – even if the person murders thirty people while they are earthbound (I know people who believe it is possible for a mass murderer to get into heaven as long as they accept Jesus as their savior.)

How does a Christian make it to heaven?  Where are the instructions, and how are they determined?  Truly, I say to all believers, no one of this earth can claim that perfect knowledge, thanks to God.  Good luck to each of you, you’re going to need it, it seems.



1. seab4zz - October 11, 2009

People who use their “insurance policy” as you put it are simply trying to rid themselves of their guilt without actually admitting they were wrong.

Just my opinion though!

Good Stuff!

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