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Why Doesn’t God Feed The World? October 18, 2009

Posted by jetson in Personal.
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If God is so powerful and loving, then why doesn’t He just provide all humans with plenty of food? Do they first have to accept Him? Is this a test to see who can survive among the “children” of God? Seriously. Why are there so many humans who die of starvation? Are they all sinners, because the last time I checked, we are all sinners. Are they worse sinners? Did they do something so horrible that God refuses to feed them, or answer their prayers for food? I really want to understand exactly why there are so many people that are starving to death when they were supposedly created by the most powerful and loving God ever known. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

There are millions of starving people in the world. I don’t think that question is in doubt at all. What is a serious question is what are we doing about it? To be sure, there are amazing organizations that are doing as much as they possibly can to feed the hungry, including religious and secular organizations. That is great news, and here is just one that you can donate to if you want to do something tangible. Poverty seems to be a major contributor. Check out this website to learn how poverty contributes to world hunger. It seems that people are too busy trying to survive to be able to get out of poverty. Very sad indeed.

I think it is great that humans are stepping in to help each other in ways that show we really can and do care about each other. A mother who is feeding her baby in a safe, clean home, with plenty of food is heart-broken when the images of starving babies show up during commercials. She feels that deep down sadness that comes with watching a helpless infant literally starving to death. We can do more, and we should always do more. If some people have more than they need, then it is obvious that we can all share a little more of ourselves in order to help.

We are doing everything we can without the help of a supernatural god. We don’t need a god to know that it is morally good to help other humans in desperate times. As a species, we’ve been doing it since the beginning. Now, before any believers get angry, I do recognize that religious organizations do tons of charity work, including feeding the hungry. I say awesome – and keep up the good work! However, I really don’t see why a god with so much power cannot solve this worldwide problem in less than one second?

To be fair, it does appear that Biblical miracles have all but stopped completely ever since Jesus left us. But still, why can’t we have one more little miracle on behalf of the millions of prayers from Christians of all sects for the hungry? Are they not praying hard enough? Is there something else more important to God? Call me unimpressed, but I just don’t understand the whole human creation experiment from God at all. Why create humans that are made to suffer so badly in this world, when you obviously have the power to prevent it? I’m so tired of hearing that God works in mysterious ways, or that everything is a part of God’s plan. Those cliches are old and quite frankly, useless to the starving.

If you are a Christian, does it bother you at all that God does nothing to help the hungry?



1. rhinoforthehungry - October 18, 2009

My God does not intervene with free will. It is up to his followers to show his presence, personally I think we are doing a pretty shitty job for him.

jetson - October 18, 2009

Perhaps you are right, we could be doing more.

2. rhinoforthehungry - October 18, 2009

I have to ask, are you an unbeliever of all Gods, or just the one most Christians claim (the bible mainstream)?

jetson - October 18, 2009

At this point, there are no gods that I believe are real. This is my own conclusion though, and I don’t rule out the possibility of a real god.

3. rhinoforthehungry - October 18, 2009

I respect your beliefs and will enjoy reading your blog going forward.

4. sg - October 18, 2009

I concur, that we do not do all we can. But why attribute this to being God’s problem. I am a bit unclear as to the correlation.

Are their studies that atheists give more or do more? I am not trying to be offensive just curious. I am completely ignorant as to what organizations atheists have or are a part of to providing for the needy.

If you have any ideas on addressing these issues you have my full attention.

For Thanksgiving, we are hoping to bless several families in need with food. We have also given to the water for life cause which has many volunteers in the building of wells. The other cause was for providing packages of nutritionally sound food that you just need to add water. All of this was thru our church. Our church is partnered with Angel Food Ministries, below is an overview of what they do:

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Angel Food Ministries?

Angel Food Ministries is a non-profit, non-denominational organization dedicated to providing grocery relief and financial support to communities throughout the United States. The program began in 1994 with 34 families in Monroe, Georgia. CBC began their Angel Food Ministry in 2006.

How does it work?

Angel Food’s groceries are sold in a quantity that can fit into a medium-sized box at $30 per unit. Each month’s menu is different than the previous month and consists of both fresh and frozen items. Comparison shopping has been done across the country in various communities using a wide range of retail grocery stores and has resulted in the same food items costing approximately $60.

How long will it feed a family?

Generally, one unit of food assists in feeding a family of four for about one week or a single senior citizen for almost a month.

What is the quality of the food?

The food is all the same high quality one would purchase at a grocery store. There are no second-hand items, no damaged or out-dated goods, no dented cans without labels, no day-old breads and no produce that is almost too ripe

jetson - October 18, 2009

I certainly can’t blame God if I don’t believe he is real. It is just a sad state of affairs among humans that as much as we would like to, we just can’t feed the entire world on an ongoing basis. There will always be starving people somewhere. Certainly, there are overpopulation issues in some areas, as well as serious poverty, areas where food cannot grow, and areas of the world wher corruption and greed stand in the way of charity.

I don’t know what Christians believe God can do about the hunger problem in the world. I do know that they give God the attribute of being all powerful and all loving, so my natural assumption is that God could solve the hunger problem in less than one second, but He chooses not to. I’m just wondering why He chooses not to. To me, this one little issue of suffering in the world shows that the attributes given to God are fairly meaningless. It certainly makes me wonder how this God could have accomplished all that is attributed to Him, yet can’t resolve this particular problem.

5. sg - October 18, 2009

I have been thinking of developing/creating companies where people that do not have a place to live or have food to eat can live and work in a company that creates these things. Or a company that is dedicated to paying and sustaining things for the needy until such a time comes that they can support themselves.

So instead of a idea that yields lots of money for a corporation, i need an idea that yields lots of money for the needy and hungry. A company that employs them, trains them, provides shelter but is not dependent on donations.

6. sg - October 20, 2009

I see you avoided all my questions, i’ll repost:

Are their studies that atheists give more or do more? I am not trying to be offensive just curious. I am completely ignorant as to what organizations atheists have or are a part of to providing for the needy.

If you have any ideas on addressing these issues you have my full attention.

As for your comments, this comes back to free will, you can’t have it all, just eternal salvation. What more do you want. God has provided a whole universe, can’t we do more for each other?

What are atheists doing on weekends to help out with this cause?

jetson - October 21, 2009

As I mentioned, there are both secular and religious organizations that contribute to charities and to feeding the hungry. I don’t know at what rates in comparison to each other they contribute. I also don’t separate atheists from the religious, because atheism is not a belief system, nor is it an organization, nor is it anti-religious. Atheism is a non-belief in a god or gods.

As humans, there is nothing charitable or good that can be done by a believer, that cannot also be done by a non-believer, or by a believer in a different religion. If church makes someone want to contribute more, I think that is great – but it is not better.

Keep in mind that most humans do not follow Christianity, therefore, your claim about free will and eternal salvation do not apply to most humans, only to Christians. This is not about atheists versus Christians.

On the other hand, it sounds like excuses for the power of the most loving and powerful god of the universe. It’s all too easy to claim that God never intended to help humans by interfering in “some” things, while providing free will for everything else. Reading The Bible, it is far more than clear that God acted thousands of years ago, but is now suddenly very silent. I think it is unfortunate that this perfect god would rather watch His creation suffer needlessly, when He could easily re-unite the entire world through a few finger snaps.

I’m not waiting around for it – and it seems clear to me that many Christians would rather make excuses for Gods weakness and apathy, or would rather prepare for the rapture (the fiery end of the world), than face life head on and realize that we are one species of animal on this lonely planet. We can, and we do help ourselves – far more than any god ever has.

If God is so powerful – feeding the entire hungry population overnight would convert most humans into believers. Too bad God isn’t that loving.

7. James Johnson - October 21, 2009

I think we have come to dependent on labels (christians/atheists), hungry and poor. I as a christian have doubted God, and I would imagine most atheists have had a believe in God at some point. And we all have been poor or hungry at some point. If not trust me your time is coming. So why can’t we all relate/understand others points of view and unite around the issues of how we treat our fellow human beings? Unite to the point that we give freely what we can of our money and time.

jetson - October 21, 2009

I think we do unite around issues of how we treat our fellow human beings. Most people give freely of their time and resources in the face of tragedies such as hurricanes and floods. I never see a dividing line in those times of charity. No one wants to see others needlessly suffer.

Sadly, the label atheist has been completely misused, abused, and misunderstood over time. Many non-believers refuse to call themselves atheists because of this. There is actually open hostility and hatred towards atheists by some believers (of a variety of religions.) Here is a quote from another blog:

There is real discrimination against atheists, in the U.S. and around the world. Atheists have been fired, denied custody of their kids, threatened and denied promotion in the military, vandalized by neighbors, expelled from school, and more… because of their atheism. And in some countries, atheism is against the law, punishable by death.

This is where many atheists want to come out in the open and make their case as human beings. There is simply no excuse for anyone to be treated differently for a lack of belief. After all, which religion under which god is the true one – if any? It is literally impossible to know, yet, depending on one’s personal religion, almost everyone seems to have the truth. The truth, unfortunately, is lost when it comes to religions and gods.

8. James Johnson - October 21, 2009

The fact that you think and consider your feelings about a God put you way ahead of most Christians who blindly accept what they were taught as a child.
True religion and a personal mission is based on faith in the path you have chosen – that is were I am at. And my mission is to feed the hungry, so I ditched all other hopes of a big paying job and work at a food bank.
Keeping thinking

jetson - October 21, 2009

Wow. That is awesome! We have a giant food bank nearby where we can volunteer at certain times. I have only donated so far.

I have to agree that too many religious believers follow their faith blindly (as if God doesn’t realize this) 🙂

If I stumble across a god that makes sense, and that I can relate to, I really don’t know how I will feel, or what I will do. At this point, I just want to be a voice for those who are either completely lost (if God is real), or for those who are inclined to live without a god (assuming God is not real.) Having gone through the sacraments and traditions of Catholicism, I can honestly say that it is not a religion that I find compatible with who I am, or who I want to be.

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