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Death for Burning a Book October 25, 2009

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Read this story from the BBC news about Muslim students burning an effigy of President Obama, and chanting “death to America” over the alleged burning of a Koran by foreign forces in the country. According to the report, there may not even be any truth to the allegations about who did the burning. It was the Koran, the Bible of Islam.

I say, so what? If your religious belief is so sensitive that you cannot tolerate a book burning, then I would question your belief and your faith. Instead, they demand the death of America over this? Burning books is a very popular activity among religious groups throughout history. Many Christian groups hold book burnings over fictional books like Harry Potter. What exactly does anyone hope to accomplish by burning a book anyway?

Does burning books make your beliefs stronger? Does it make you closer to God? Do you think it takes books off the market so others cannot read the book? Unless you get your books for free, you are actually driving the need to print more books! I suppose the publisher doesn’t really care if you read it, as long as you pay for it. On the other hand, it is extremely childish and disrespectful.

Books are just bits of paper with writing on them. Books can’t do anything, they just sit there, waiting to be read. So, if the book itself poses no threat, then it must be that the words in the book are doing all of the damage – wrong! It’s the people who read the books that do all the damage! Now we’re down to some form of root cause. It’s unfortunate though how readers of burned books have no precedent for doing anything harmful towards others. Apparently, the only damage being done is to the pride of the group doing the burning, they are “offended.” Of course, in this case, some readers of the Koran are bent on killing people who burn it.

The idea that some Muslims think that burning the Koran is punishable by death is beyond sick. But then again, there are some Muslims who believe all non-believers should be killed, so it’s not all that surprising to me. If you are the type of person who thinks that book burning accomplishes anything constructive or positive, then you are both ignorant and intolerant, as well as far too easily offended. If you believe someone should be killed for burning a book, then you are both sick and ignorant, and you don’t deserve to live in a free society, where all humans are equal, no matter what they might believe.



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