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Some Humans Literally Cannot Believe in God October 25, 2009

Posted by jetson in Personal.
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I have heard from, and read the stories of many non-believers, and there is a small theme among some of them. They literally could find no way to believe in God. There was just no way, according to their stories. I find this to be very close to how I feel. I do remember some attempts during my life, at times when I was confused, lost, or depressed too much to stand up and dust myself off. But truthfully, I felt silly.

It literally felt like I was an adult, desperately trying to justify the reality of Santa Claus! Imagine how you would feel if you were alone in a room, trying to put the story of Santa Claus together so that it became real. That feeling is as close as I can get to what it was like. Sounds silly, doesn’t it?

Well, I can imagine that with all the believers in the world, and all of the churches dotting our cities and towns, and all of the adults rambling on and on about God, it is easy to just say, “I believe”, even when the evidence isn’t there. I just can’t do that, and neither can many humans. It’s actually impossible to pretend to believe in something that literally does not exist.

Just a reminder, these people aren’t stupid, they don’t lack anything physical compared to believers, and they certainly don’t hate God so much that they resist belief (you can’t possibly hate something you don’t think exists.) So there you have it. No matter what, the sheer lack of evidence, and the added supernatural, magic laced stories, and mythological references just don’t add up in a way that allows belief beyond pure fiction! But hey, fiction is entertaining!



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