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Stretch to Fit – The Bibles October 25, 2009

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Why are there over 38,000 sects of Christianity? Are there then 38,000 interpretations of The Bible? If so, how could that happen if The Bible is the word of the most powerful God known to humans? How could this god possibly have made the book so open to interpretation, and for the last couple of thousand years has done nothing to bring Christians back to the origin of Christianity? If anything, it is the opposite, Christianity gets further and further splintered by all of these diverse Christian groups.

Christianity is now bastardized so far in every conceivable direction, that it is barely discernible in some sects to even be considered Christianity at all. What a mess. It’s like The Bible has gone through “evolution” following the Darwinian model, with each branch creating a life of its own, and becoming less similar as it branches out. How ironic.

My experience so far, and I admit it is limited, says that what is really happening, is that groups of religious people, believers in Christ, are each stretching The Bible to fit their views. Very convenient, and in almost every case, easy to support, given the strange passages found sprinkled throughout the books. The contradictions, for example, easily allow one group to promote and support slavery, while other groups can condemn it and point to passages that seem to support their view as well.

Genesis is another book that can be stretched in almost any direction, in order to support a particular view of how the world and the universe, and all of earths life was created. We have young earth creationists, who believe that Genesis is a literal account of all of creation by God. Then we have The Catholic Church, which supports the theory of evolution as it stands through scientific measure. Then we have this group, Reasons To Believe, who have found a way to make Genesis match almost perfectly with the scientific understanding of the age of the universe, and of the planet earth! Amazing, all Christian views, all based on Genesis, and all convinced that they are correct.

From creation, to prophecy, to morals, to current social issues, every sect gets to weigh in, and gather supporters that agree with their interpretations. They get to claim they know they are right, because they are reading a book. The SAME BOOK that all other sects are reading, yet coming to DIFFERENT conclusions!

I would like for at least one honest Christian to admit that this is definitely a problem. I grow tired of the apologetics, the “we’re rights”, the “they’re not True Christians”, and every other excuse in the book. I want someone to actually admit that they are embarrassed, at least a little, that Christianity is now so diverse in its views, that it is literally impossible for a person to look at Christianity, and decide what the truth actually is about its tenets, its God, and its rules for life. This is a disaster for such a pervasive organization as far as I can see.



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