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Where is God? October 25, 2009

Posted by jetson in Personal.
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If God is outside of the space time continuum, then how does anyone know that God is there? How can anyone claim that God is “outside of the space time continuum”, if we cannot get outside of it? Seriously, what kind of person is capable of making such a claim with any authority whatsoever? Did God tell someone, “hey, I’m outside of space and time, don’t bother looking, just trust me.” Who did He tell? Wait, is it in The Bible somewhere? It is, isn’t it? Somewhere in The Bible, it clearly say’s that God is now outside of space and time. I guess that means outside of our universe, or if there are multiple universes, then God is outside of all of them, simultaneously?

I suppose that back in the days when God was talking to people, he transcended space and time so that some of those He chose to speak to could actually hear Him. Either that, or He just spoke directly to their brains. I’m thinking that God gets farther away as our understanding of the world and the universe increases. That makes far more sense. And it is very convenient to say that God can’t be seen – even though He was clearly seen by certain people “back in biblical times.” This is a contradiction though, since The Bible supports two opposing ideas on seeing God. But hey, I’m sure there are reasons for all of this, according to at least a few of the 38,000 sects of Christianity.

Anyway, I’m fairly certain that there will be no way that anyone can ever see God, because that would ruin everything. Think about it, if I could see God, I might become a believer, and then He would have to accept me into heaven, where I clearly don’t belong. That’s OK, I’ll have plenty of fun burning forever in Hell, with about 67% of humans, assuming Christianity is true 🙂

So, where is God? I will tell you where God is, if you really want the truth. God, from The Bible, is hanging out with Zeus and Thor, two of civilizations more popular gods from long ago. One day, I am sure that the god of The Bible will join Zeus and Thor in the history books. Now, if I am wrong about this, then the only other logical place God can be found is in the minds of millions of believers. God is stuck there, in those minds, and cannot escape until the person gives up and moves away from their belief. Many do drop their beliefs, and that group is growing fast!

If you have doubted the existence of God, and would like to drop Him forever, I can tell you that no harm will come to you whatsoever! You will feel a sense of freedom like never before, where you no longer have to be concerned about God, or religion, or church, or anything religious. You can just live your life, enjoy your time on earth, and know that when you die, your life will feel exactly the same as it did before you were conceived in the womb. Fairly painless if I can be so bold as to guess!



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