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Is God Perfect? October 30, 2009

Posted by jetson in Personal.
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Is the god of The Bible a perfect entity/being/creature? And if so, what is the definition of perfect? Can humans relate to the perfection of God? In other words, are we talking about some humanly unknowable state of perfection, or is it more like nothing God does is less than perfect in any way? It is important to understand what perfect means in reference to a statement that God is perfect.

Assuming we agree that a perfect god exists, does this god need anything? If I were perfect, I can’t imagine having any needs. I don’t know how I could be perfect, and lacking at the same time. If I needed something, wouldn’t it imply that I was lacking something? And if I was lacking something, then I cannot be perfect. Or is it OK to be perfect, and still need something? What does God need, if anything?

Perhaps I have taken too much liberty in assigning inappropriate attributes to God. If so, I can accept that and move on. I have most definitely heard from some believers that God is perfect, and does not need anything at all. But by choosing to create the universe, and us, we are left wondering why. If one needs nothing, why create something? Was God just bored? Or is it more likely that humans needed God more than He needed us, so we created Him?

I don’t understand why a perfect being would need to create such an imperfect universe. If He needed company in heaven, wouldn’t it be much easier to create some company – perhaps some perfect company so He would have someone just as perfect to talk to?



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