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Miracles of God November 5, 2009

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What is a miracle? Here’s a definition I found on the web:

1. an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause.
2. such an effect or event manifesting or considered as a work of God.
3. a wonder; marvel.
4. a wonderful or surpassing example of some quality: a miracle of modern acoustics.

For this conversation, we can use the first two definitions, mainly because God can be considered “supernatural” in my mind. In conversations with believers, I have heard that miracles are excellent proof of a divine being, God, existing. This is very difficult for a rational person to understand. A miracle, by definition, is beyond our natural laws; it is something that science cannot explain. In other words, it cannot happen, but it still does. Well, sort of.

If a man survives for three days inside the stomach of a fish, is that a miracle? Well, the first question for science would be this; is it possible for a grown male to survive for three days inside the stomach of a fish (some people claim it was a whale.) If you look at the anatomy of whales, is there enough room inside the stomach of the largest whale for a grown man? Apparently, the Sperm whale does have room. However, can it support a man who needs oxygen for three days? Not very likely.

This is why it is called a miracle. Because anyone who has ever considered the story, knows that there would be all sorts of problems involved with surviving in the belly of a whale for 72 hours. There would be little to no air to breathe, and there would also be stomach acids to deal with. So, it is called a miracle because the people who wrote the story know very well that it would take an actual miracle for the man to survive.

Can a human walk on water? Technically, no. But we’ve seen it in the movies, where a special body of water contains a clear platform just below the surface, making it appear as though one can walk on water. Can a god walk on water? Sure, why not? But, we have no proof that any gods are real, much less that they became human, and walked on water. Humans, when walking, do not have the buoyancy to walk on water. The moment a human steps onto the surface of a body of water, the foot penetrates the water. There is just not enough surface under the average foot of a human to suspend them on the surface of water. It’s a physical impossibility.

Can an egg, inside the ovary of a human female, become fertilized without the direct penetration of a male sperm into the egg? Well, of course not! Human eggs are basically sterile, and incapable of becoming an actual baby, without being fertilized. Of course there are numerous ways these days to fertilize an egg. But every one of those are the result of introducing male sperm into the environment so that the egg can be fertilized. The idea that a woman can become pregnant without the aid of another male humans sperm is completely “miraculous.”

In other words, sperm cannot be “magically” inserted into eggs. But that doesn’t phase those who believe the stories of a “virgin birth.” This is an amazing miracle, and adds credibility to the idea that Jesus was divine. But that doesn’t make the story true. Miracles are unexplainable by science, but they are easily explainable by people who are willing to suspend their disbelief on events that don’t happen in nature. Like, literally rising from the dead.

True, we have cases where dead people have been revived. But we have never seen a completely brain and heart dead person, come back to life after three days of being dead. Maybe Jesus was only in a coma? Either way, the miracle is described as evidence that Jesus was divine, and somehow managed to leave his tomb and talk to people. Wild.

As I read The Bible, I have difficulty understanding certain stories and passages. But I can work to understand those over time, and try to see what the meaning may have been. But miracles are different. No one is capable of explaining a miracle without resorting to magic, and the suspension of natural laws. This is where I can say with great certainty, that miracles from The Bible are more likely misunderstandings, or stories designed to inspire people to believe, in a time when no one was really capable of discerning the impossibilities of claims made. We also know that humans are notorious for “embellishing” stories in order to make them more exciting.

I think it is a miracle that so many people believe that real miracles, like the ones above, actually happened!



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