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Is it Just Faith For You? November 25, 2009

Posted by jetson in Personal.
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Are you a Christian who believes that all you need is faith to believe God is real? Is such a “faith only” belief even possible? I mean, does faith mean that you simply don’t need any evidence because you “just know” that God is real? If so, how exactly do you know? What caused you to believe in the first place? What started your belief?

Can faith alone kick off a belief in something? I suppose if you take a fact on pure faith, without checking it out for yourself, then you could live out your entire life with faith in that fact. So yes, it is possible. Do we have faith in gravity? I don’t think so, because we all know very well that if we step off of a tall building, we will indeed fall. We don’t need faith to believe gravity is real, we can see the results clearly. There are no interpretations of falling off of a building either. Everyone falls at the same rate, perfectly. Gravity is a fact.

Belief in God is not so perfect. We are not on the same wavelength of belief when it comes to a specific god. There are almost as many interpretations of God as there are Christians. Many agree on the attributes, but I suspect that each might imagine God a little differently. And how many Christians know that God is real? How do they know, while so many others do not know? Why is there any ambiguity at all? Why is God not as obvious as gravity, to everyone? I suspect it is because there is literally no way to prove Gods existence. Gods existence must remain inside each individual, as there really is no way to “show” God. So faith steps in.

But here’s the rub. If one knows God is real, then what is the purpose of faith? Somehow, God is completely evident to certain people, they know He is real, they feel Him, speak to Him, hear Him, or in some way connect with God, which makes Him real. Faith should not matter in this case. So, either faith is necessary because people don’t have a way to prove God, or faith is not necessary at all because people have undeniable methods to know God is real. Too bad for the millions and millions who simply cannot see or know God.

Faith is a convenient way, in my opinion, of saying that God must be real, but since we cannot prove God is real, we hold on to faith. In this case, the only proof comes when we die. And sadly, it is too late to share this amazing discovery with anyone who is alive. If God created us, and loves us, and wants us to worship Him, then he would make Himself as obvious to each of us as gravity. He can still keep it ambiguous and impossible to explain to each other – because if we shared the obvious proof, it would certainly ruin God – or so I’m told.

Powerful, indeed.



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