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Abuse in the Catholic Church November 28, 2009

Posted by jetson in Personal.
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Do you ever boycott companies because they support, even indirectly, something you do not agree with? I have heard many people proclaim, for example, that they will never buy Exxon gasoline because of the disaster oil spill of the Valdez. There is nothing wrong with using your wallet to send a message – it’s one of the best ways to show companies that they are responsible for their actions when it potentially harms other humans or other animals.

And so it is with this preface that I ask that Catholics who believe that child sex abuse is wrong, immediately boycott the Catholic church itself, for the willful cover-up and denial for so long of child sex abuse by their clergy. I’m not sure exactly what it takes to motivate a Catholic Christian to stop supporting such an organization, but sex abuse of children is probably at the top of the list. Some argue that the Catholic church holds enormous funds in cash, gold, and real estate world-wide. I don’t know what they hold, other than the lavish settings of the Vatican itself. But why give your hard earned money to such an organization?

Should the Catholic church suffer because of a few pedophile priests? I think it should, just as much as any other company found to be engaged in this type of activity, especially where children are sometimes left to the adult supervision of its representatives. The cover-up and denial from the Catholic church leadership is the main reason I have no sympathy at all. Not to mention their stance against homosexuality, and protected sex using condoms to prevent the spread of aids.

Think about it. There are far better ways to donate your hard earned money.



1. oregonbird - December 12, 2009

Why do you suppose the catholic church is fishing for new, bigoted members, offering second-class status to CofE followers who jump ship? Anyone with a heart or mind has left the church. The youth left are kept unaware of the church’s history — but with the internet available, and the vast number of ex-catholics ready to bear witness against the abusive and misogynistic monolith, they will all have a chance to make their own decisions.

What you need to realize is that no religion has any more basis in morality than the catholic church. Each and every one presents a caste system that puts a small group of men on a higher plane — and questioning their actions is always, in every religion, presented to parishioners as going against god itself. This is a pattern chosen for the very opportunities it offers for abuse.

So rather than holding one religion up for the mockery and financial anemia it deserves, turn your efforts to discouraging the propagation of any religion.

Ethics are where its at, man.

jetson - December 12, 2009

I pick on the Catholics occasionally, but I am most definitely against pretty much every form of religion that sees outsiders as less than its members. It would be weird to find a religion that worshiped its god in privacy, left its bigotry out of the public and kept its hands out of everyones pockets.

2. Stormy Little Teacup - September 1, 2010

You’re absolutely right about boycotting the church. But sadly it’s not merely a few paedophile priests that we’re talking about, but an entire institution whose current figurehead has himself been proven complicit in protecting and re-locating such priests without so much as a slap on the wrist, so that they can go on to re-offend in new parishes and cause untold misery to hundreds more innocent children. As a humanist culture we make a stand about rape and domestic abuse, and this case is different only in that the self-appointed moral authority have the audacity to call themselves such and yet condone such despicable treatment of its most vulnerable members. The Church is amoral and should be accorded all the disdain and boycotting it deserves.

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