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Creationism is Wrong December 1, 2009

Posted by jetson in Personal.
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Young earth creationism is so deeply flawed, it’s hard to imagine anyone follows it at all. But, they do, lots of them do. Of course, popularity does not bring truth to a thing, it just makes it popular, like Coca Cola. There is only one reason to think that a god created everything about 6,000 years ago – because one doesn’t care about facts. The fact that we can see objects in the universe, whose light took billions of years to reach us doesn’t matter to a Creationist. The fact that radioactive decay is constant, and tells us the approximate age of earthbound materials, such as million year old fossils and rocks, doesn’t matter to a Creationist. The fact that more crude methods of dating give us much older estimates than 6,000 years doesn’t matter to Creationists. Really, Creationists would never let a fact get in the way of their belief that an almighty, imaginary being in the sky, “poofed” the universe and everything in it into existence, simply because it wanted to.

It’s really kind of sad to think that ignorance and religion are working together to bind people to completely false ideas and knowledge. An otherwise normal human being, without religion, would have no reason whatsoever to doubt that what we currently know about the universe and our world is true. Even though science can be wrong, and it can be biased, and it can even be abused in some cases, it is the best model we have for understanding things. By default, even when it can seem stubborn, it is self-correcting, always. All of the collective knowledge gained on a topic, such as evolution, is completely open to critical analysis, discussion, and debate – with one catch – honest inquiry.

When Creationists attempt to use an ideology, such as Christianity, to define a set of knowledge about the observable, measurable world, all honesty is lost. Since religion has no one to answer to, it can make any claim it wants in order to support itself. Creationism is only one area of dishonesty supported by religious dogma and ignorance. If we don’t like what science discovers, so what? Why do we have to be pleased by how the world works?

If science discovers facts that fly in the face of religious beliefs, that is a direct challenge to those beliefs, and creates a major problem for religion. For that reason, it is attacked relentlessly on dishonest grounds, simply to keep a religious belief from crumbling. Too bad really, because what we have learned since the dawn of modern science has done more good for humans than all imaginary gods and their religions combined. We have stepped over a threshold of ignorance, and into a light of reason and intelligence, gaining more knowledge recently than all of humankind in any period.

I am not about to spend my time pointing out the flaws in Creationism, because it is like trying to convince educated adults that Santa is a myth. It is quite pointless. Creationism sounds like an idea that was thought up about 6,000 years ago, before humans realized they were on a planet. Imagine that.



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