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Perfect Plans Can’t Be Changed December 10, 2009

Posted by jetson in Personal.
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I’ve been thinking about free will lately as it relates to the god of The Bible. Believers tell me that God gave us all the free will to choose the path we take in our lives. If God created humans, and endowed them with free will, then I can accept that premise by itself. What I can’t come to grips with is when believers also tell me that God planned our lives, and knows exactly what we will do; every choice, every decision, every breath we take. These two things do not logically work together.

If God knows our path, and every choice and breath we take, then the free will He supposedly gave us is just an illusion, as it would be impossible for us to do anything that God does not already know about. So, we get to choose our path, yet God already knows what it will be. What I don’t get is why it even matters. Why does God need to know in advance about our every move and decision? Is there some reason for this? It sounds to me like it is an attribute given to God in an effort to make Him the “all knowing” God.

If there is an entity that is so “all knowing” that it can actually possess perfect knowledge of future events, that entity would not be able to escape it’s own destiny, even for a second. It would be paralyzed in its knowledge of itself. If I knew every single action and movement and decision that I was going to make or do, how could I possibly enjoy anything? What is there to look forward to? What would I do for entertainment? Think about yourself, and ask yourself how you would be able to exist with the perfect knowledge of all future events – and the paradox of knowing that no matter what you think of, or decide to do, you already knew it would happen.

My mind is now cluttered. Help!



1. zebulonthered - December 27, 2009

This is a fun topic. In the end there is no free will with the Christian god. For the reasons you have already said and more.
For example, the whole salvation scenario is absent of free will. I saw a youtube video some time ago that did an awesome job a explaining it. It had a father and son move into a new house. The father said to the son “you can paint your new room any color you want”. The son was very pleased and said he would like it blue. At which point the father said “you can paint your room any color, as long as its orange”. The son said he really like blue. The father then said “ok, but if you don’t paint it orange I’m going to brake your arm, but its your choice”.
What color do you think the son painted his new room? With the Christian god its the same way.

jetson - December 28, 2009

Interesting story about the father and son. I can already hear the excuses from some believers. I like the story because it points out that the decisions we make regarding a god are conditional – worship me, accept me as your savior, love me, or else!

I know that not all Christians, for example, believe in hell, but there are many who do believe that if you don’t accept Jesus as your lord and savior, you will in fact burn in the lake of fire for all of eternity.

I can’t think of a more loving way to put it to us heathens!

The Armchair Antichrist - December 31, 2009

That would be a video by nonstampcollector.

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