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Why Won’t God Heal Amputees? December 20, 2009

Posted by jetson in Personal.
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When I first decided it was OK to be atheist, to not believe in a god, I found this website. Along with the website there is also a discussion forum for debates and discussions regarding the topic of why God won’t heal amputees. At first, I have to admit, the forum felt uncomfortable. It seemed that believers were quickly put down and put in their place with aggressive responses and sometimes insults. I joined the site and began to participate and learn what all the discussions from atheists were really about. That was then.

Today I am still an active forum member, and I have also joined the site “Is God Imaginary”, which is asking those believers who can answer the question to stop by and discuss. I like both sites, but the first one, “Why Won’t God Heal Amputees” is very intriguing because it looks at direct claims by Christians of God’s healing all sorts of physical issues, yet never does an amputee get their limb replaced. Why is that?

To me it is obvious, God does not heal amputees, because God is imaginary. What could possibly be a more simple answer to this question? Yet, believers from seemingly every flavor of Christianity and even Islam flood into the forum proclaiming Gods greatness, His benevolence, His almighty powers of healing, and His infinite wisdom in making decisions about who exactly gets to be healed through the power of God. The site makes a claim, namely that there has never been a single case of a human, miraculously or otherwise, re-growing a severed or missing limb. So many thousands of illnesses healed miraculously, yet not a single amputee.

Houston, we have a problem. How is it possible that the amputees are singled out and rejected by the mighty power of Gods healing? The excuses come in every shape and size from believers. God only heals the faithful. Prayers are not always answered with a yes from God. It was Gods plan that some humans be amputees. And so on, and so on. But each of these excuses doesn’t deal directly with the facts.

According to some, God has healed cancer directly through his miraculous power. Those people, and their families and congregations prayed for their loved one to be cured, and the cancer went away. This same scenario plays out for other types of illnesses, including paralysis. The patients were healed through the miracle of faith in God, and prayer. These are the facts according to believers. But those very same things are done by equally faithful, and equal amounts of prayer from friends and congregations in efforts to help victims of amputated legs, arms, fingers, toes, hands, etc. Yet not one single case of re-growth of any limb, small or large, has ever occurred.

Stop by and join the site if you are a believer and can explain this mystery. Beware, the site is genuinely friendly towards anyone who cares to discuss issues using evidence and reason to support their claims. If you stop by and proclaim excuses in the name of your particular god, you won’t get too far. If you believe your god is real, and that your god can actually heal amputees, or do anything it wants, you must be able to show how that is actually true. Your belief that it is true, or your knowledge of past miracles of The Bible, for example, are simply not evidence that can be taken seriously. Good luck!




1. SG - December 22, 2009

i think you are barking up the wrong tree. It is like saying, let’s turn back time and i can evacuate everyone from the city that got hit by an earthquake. If there is a God then God will let me magically go back in time after the earthquake has occurred so that i can save everyone. I bet that would make you a believer – so would healing an amputee and so would seeing God! Remember, you must cross the bridge on faith, die to your will, accept that Jesus is the son of God and that he died for your sins (died on the cross- paid in full for your past, present and future sins in return for your eternal salvation). However that bridge of faith is getting shorter and shorter with science making so many advances.

Take for example the latest model of how the universe was created (please note, created ~ aka cause and effect ~ creator created), science now tells us that there is a causal agent. So i think it goes something like this ~ causal agent is point (a) and the universe is point (b). The causal agent is also outside the space time continuum. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Causal Agent, aka God creates the universe. Of course, you could believe in another God besides the Christian Judeo God creating the universe but our God does provide an accurate account of old earth creation that aligns both of the books. The book of life with the book of the bible.

This sounds like the same dead horse except you managed to put lipstick on the pig….seems like a new copout.

Seems that your gang of atheists could have found something with a bit more meat to it instead of dragging amputees into the mix.

jetson - December 22, 2009

Dear God,

Please don’t allow earthquakes, since they kill innocent life.

SG – Why won’t God heal amputees?

2. SG - December 22, 2009

what does earthquakes and innocent life have anything to do with each other — this is the world we live in. If you know that certain areas are earthquake prone then move.

duh – God didn’t make our bodies with the power of limb regeneration, what do you think we are frogs or lizards.

However, God did make it available for us to discover and make this a possible reality! Pretty amazing, when it is discovered, you can attribute that to God though. Actually many things are already being done like ear regenerations!

How is that evolution thing shaking, any possibilities there, yah i didn’t think so….yah i know it would take billions of years for that to happen you can’t really observe that….it’s all pretty much a faith thing with evolution….got it!

jetson - December 22, 2009

You brought up earthquakes – I’m only asking the deity that created them to please stop them from killing innocent people. Thank God for the amazingly deadly world we live in.

So, God does not heal amputees because he created us so that it is impossible (unless you’re a lucky lizard.) But – he is giving brilliant doctors and surgeons the ability to replace lost limbs? I wonder why it has taken so long to provide this knowledge and technology to doctors? I guess we still haven’t suffered enough – dumb humans.

I wonder why he couldn’t add the one ingredient required to allow humans to simply regrow limbs? Wait – I know! It’s because then we wouldn’t have to suffer so much – right?

3. SG - December 22, 2009

Nope, you need to thank sin and evil. This universe was created for the sole purpose of driving out evil and sin. So sorry you have already made up your mind on how the world should be designed according to you. This is a common flaw that atheists fall into.

I think you need to read some more — God does not promise that we will not suffer. His promise is eternal salvation upon the acceptance of his Son Jesus who died on the cross for our sins.

As far as the technology being developed, he gave us free will to do what we think is best and right. Providing the technology has nothing to do with suffering, it has to do with humans learning the capacity, you are starting to sound ignorant again — it’s like saying why aren’t children just born as grown-ups with all knowledge.

Like i said — i think you are looking for the world according to Jetson.

What about this, why don’t you go figure out how to create a universe just like this (oh wait but better according to you) with all the physical laws and then i will be more inclined to listen to this new world according to Jetson. oh one last item, don’t forget about free will.

jetson - December 23, 2009

Does God heal any type of human illness or injury through sincere prayer? Yes or no.

4. SG - December 23, 2009

I believe God heals and lifts up the spirit which in turn heals the body, mind and soul. I am not sure that the body, mind and soul can regenerate limbs no matter how healed the spirit,mind and soul are.

jetson - December 24, 2009

That sounds fair to me. Even though I don’t believe in the soul as an entity, I believe humans are capable of triggering self-healing through various forms of thought and/or meditation, including prayer.

Of course, we cant regenerate limbs, as you have stated, so no amount of thought or prayer is going to heal an amputee. I will also add that until there is some evidence that a god is actually involved, the self-healing abilities of humans are the same. regardless of ones beliefs.

5. SG - December 26, 2009

Maybe you are confused as to what is your soul, what is is your understanding of the word soul?

What do you think it means to die to your soul?

jetson - December 26, 2009

The soul is a human idea, and does not exist in any physical manifestation. Given that humans attach so many definitions to the soul, I am justified in saying there is no such thing as a soul.

I understand the basic idea, and it has become a part of our way of describing a part of who we are, but it is just an idea, nothing more.

6. SG - December 27, 2009

Just because you can’t see your soul doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Try to go and find the God particle, it is massless and invisible.

You state things as if you are the great author of all life, you are a bit funny, sometimes arrogant, it just doesn’t make it true though. Kind-a-like the ending ‘nothing more’, but you couldn’t be further from the truth. What about your memories, they must not be real since they don’t have any physical manifestations.

I guess you don’t have a spirit nor are you spiritual any anyway since these don’t have any physical manifestations, you believe that too?

Maybe you are out of your element on what the soul is.

7. jetson - December 27, 2009

If souls are real, prove it.

On the other hand, memories are in fact stored in the brain. They are recalled by the brain as well.

As far as anyone has ever known, there is nothing beyond the physical death of a human. And so far, there is no reason to believe anything beyond death.

8. SG - December 27, 2009

There you go again stating what you do not know — as far as as anyone has ever known.

There is plenty of evidence to support life after death — just because you wish to dismiss it doesn’t make it true.

jetson - December 27, 2009

No, once again, you have it backwards. I have NOT made a claim that there is anything after death. You did that. Now, prove it.

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