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All Gods Are Imaginary December 22, 2009

Posted by jetson in Personal.
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I’ve never met a believer in a specific god, who gives any possibility to the existence of a competing god. Of course, I was not alive back in the days of polytheism, where there were multiple gods for multiple purposes. So I have always posited that all gods are imaginary. Even if one could prove that humans have always had a propensity to believe in a god or gods, there is still no reason to believe any of them are real. There is simply no evidence to support a real god.

The world looks exactly like it would if there were no gods at all. It is the believers who see the “evidence” in the form of nature, the sky, the stars, the planets, and the entire universe. They simply assert that none of it could possibly have happened, or exist at all, without a god involved. How convenient!

Humans have probably been searching for answers since they first realized they were able to ask a question. In the earliest groups of humans, it is very likely that they lived in fear of certain things that nature had to offer, such as thunder and lightning. Imagine being witness to such a spectacle, and perhaps cowering in fear when it comes around during a violent storm. Imagine the horror of those humans who were in the path of a tornado – something we still fear today. But at least we understand what causes tornadoes, and we can warn people that they are likely to form, and to take appropriate cover.

Gods have always been a convenient way of explaining away the mysteries that humans have faced. Even today, gods are evoked for comfort in death, something many humans fear greatly. It’s a strange feeling indeed to become a part of the world, to be aware of your presence in it, and then to imagine that one day, you will no longer be a part of the world, at least not as a living breathing human! Our decayed bodies eventually find their way back into the atomic matter that makes up everything, so perhaps we do live on forever!

So many hundreds of thousands of man-made gods, to support the even larger number of mysteries humans struggled with. Obviously, some gods are more popular than others, but it seems to me that those popular gods are also quite picky about what is required of humans. So far, not a single god has done anything that I would consider god-like. Maybe I’m just incapable of understanding any of the gods. But I’m certainly not incapable of inventing my own!

I’ll save that for another rainy day at the book store!



1. SG - December 22, 2009

This is just to wordy to say nothing — let me ask you, can you say with a 100% certainty that God does not exist?

Show me your proof.

From where i stand, I have 100% certainty that God exists.

jetson - December 23, 2009

“All Gods are imaginary” is a practical fact.

I can say with great certainty that God is not necessary to explain anything, nor is God necessary for a human to live a fulfilled life on planet earth. If I had a need to worship a god, I would do so.

Perhaps I will burn forever in a lake of fire when I die.

Show me your proof.

zebulonthered - December 25, 2009

SG – The bible says “a fool says in his heart there is no god”. This is very true, but the statement is not complete. It should go on to say that a fool say in his heart there is a god, because the existence of god is equally impossible to prove as it is to disprove.

2. SG - December 23, 2009

You didn’t answer my question, can you say with 100% certainty that God does not exist?

You went on to try and justify something else.

jetson - December 23, 2009

Of course I would not say it with 100% certainty – that would make me dishonest. Can you say the same about your beliefs?

3. SG - December 24, 2009

But see you are trying to state that God does not exist. If you can’t say with a 100% certainty then don’t say anything at all about his existence. It sounds like a very ignorant thing to say, especially the title, God is imaginary…. oh and the bit of I don’t want to be dishonest but it’s okay to skew, misrepresent, and twist factual evidence, come on.

Unlike you, I can state with 100% certainty that God exists.

jetson - December 24, 2009

This approach you have taken, is basically twisting the positive assertion that there is a god, to my positive assertion that there is no god. Technically, I made the first assertion by writing this blog, so it seems you have me trapped in admitting that I don’t know for certain that all gods are imaginary, and that I shouldn’t do such a thing. But you would be wrong.

My blog is based on the overwhelming positive assertions that there are specific gods claimed to be real by millions of people around the world. It is from this perspective that I make my counter-assertion that all gods are imaginary.

This blog is nothing more than my opinion. I made statements that I cannot back up with 100% proof. I implied that all gods are imaginary, when I can’t prove the implication with 100% accuracy. And you are stating that because of this, I should not say anything at all?

Yet, in the same breath, you are bold enough to say that there is a real god? And you provide no evidence or proof to support this assertion? Am I still dreaming while I read this?

If you can prove there is a real god, I will delete my entire blog and every single piece I have written, and I will attend your church every week. I will tithe 10% of my income each week to your church, and I will volunteer to spread the word. You made the assertion, now back it up.

4. zebulonthered - December 25, 2009

“It is the believers who see the “evidence” in the form of nature, the sky, the stars, the planets, and the entire universe.” I once had a email conversation with a local Baptist pastor. When I asked for proof the his god was the one true god of the universe. He said “all of nature testifies that he is”. When I asked where in nature Jesus Christ is proclaimed as the son of god he said “everywhere”.
When I asked him how the existence of nature necessitated Christianity as the one true faith his replied “it necessitated Christianity as the one true faith because its the one true faith”.
What can you say to that “logic”? Indeed all gods are imaginary, but there is no way to prove it to the people who are trapped in the delusion.

5. SG - December 26, 2009

zebulonthered – about the Bible passage you quoted, please keep in mind the author, which is God. It would not make sense to mention the inverse of the statement.

What i do know is that everything in this universe has strengthen and reinforced my belief in the existence of God. I find no possibility that God does not exist. I came to Christ by faith and then he opened both books, the book of nature and the book of Bible and i do find irrefutable evidence for Jesus Christ being the only way to God and that Jesus is the Son of God.

if you have time please check out http://www.reasons.org — My belief and understanding is around an old earth creation model. You can deep dive into the information.

Jetson – there are so many reasons for the existence of God, but in the end you will need faith, not religion or being religious — i do not belong to any of these. I think this is the part that scares you.

zebulonthered - December 26, 2009

SG – I didn’t know god came down and wrote the bible. I always heard it was written with human hands… If god is real and he cared in any way what we did or what we thought of him, I think he would have done a better job of showing it. A very old book of questionable authorship could be the worst way to prove his existence. I mean come on, thats the best the all powerful god of the universe can do? Give me a road to Damascus moment at least. If god is out there it wouldn’t take faith to believe it. Does it take faith to know that when a stone is dropped it will fall? You say “there are so many reasons for the existence of God, but in the end you will need faith”. This doesn’t fly, with reason you don’t need faith.

6. SG - December 27, 2009

zebulonthered — The Bible is written with human hands but the author is God. A metaphor would be human hands are a computer and God is the person typing on a MAC. Yes, God would only use a Mac!

The stone dropping does not require faith, it adheres to the physical laws set in this universe. (by the way, God created the universe all without nullifying any of the physical laws of nature) Depending on where the stone is located dedicates whether the stone will fall. If the stone is in outer space it will not move. If it is on eart, it will fall because of gravity, a force that is preset in any planetary mass because of it’s size.

This is exactly why you need to understand how reason plays a critical part in faith. Faith without reason is no faith at all. A fool can have faith without reason.

Why is there a causal agent that created the universe? Doesn’t this imply a cause and effect, a creator and his creation, a design and a designer.

If the both of you are so much into reason, then answer me this — what is the origin of life? Who created the universe and for what purpose? What is our purpose here on earth? Why would we need any type of spiritual component?

Please some reasons and none of this, we are here because we are here, at least lie to me like evolution does 🙂

jetson - December 27, 2009

Can you prove that a god had anything to do with the words in The Bible?

Can you prove that a god created the entire universe and all of its laws?

Can you prove that a reason is required for anyhting to exist?

Can you show where reason is required to understand or know the origin of life, or the universe?

Can you eliminate completely, using rational, logical arguments, that reason for anything is necessary?

You might also try to remember that missing knowledge does not imply creators and designs, or anything beyond “we don’t know.” Not knowing is not a bad thing at all. It just means we have more to learn and discover. And rather than give some invisible sky man all of the credit, we simply continue to look for things that help us understand our world, its life, and our universe. God did it is a terrible, terrible, lazy, unnecessary fall back.

7. SG - December 27, 2009

Jetson — that was classic, answering questions with some other questions. Would you like to fall back on a young earth creation model while you are at to stray away from the real questions. This is aways a great thing to do to skew things from the hard to answer questions.

The ending paragraph again more fluff — You call creating the universe lazy including all the physical laws of nature. Well why don’t you give it a go. Let me know when i can come by and see your lazy model. Oh by the way, there are some math problems that need solving that you may win a nobel peace prize, you want to give those a go with your lazy and easy model.

jetson - December 27, 2009

Please read my response more carefully! I did not say God was lazy. I’m simply asking you to provide proof of ANY SINGLE claim you have made.

Lazy is all it takes for a person to just say “God did it.” It is called intellectual laziness to declare that God did everything – because it requires no thinking at all. Apparently, it doesn’t even require evidence!

8. SG - January 3, 2010

The proof is in the pudding — try understanding Quantum Physics, see how the laws of normal physics don’t apply, but yet they do.

But before i continue it was I that was asking the questions, there you go again thinking the world is according to Jetson. Lets stay on point:

Why is there a causal agent that created the universe? Doesn’t this imply a cause and effect, a creator and his creation, a design and a designer.

If the both of you are so much into reason, then answer me this — what is the origin of life? Who created the universe and for what purpose? What is our purpose here on earth? Why would we need any type of spiritual component?

9. jetson - January 3, 2010

You are making all sorts of connections here that have little to do with each other. Maybe I need a new blog to clear things up?

The central theme of atheism is a disbelief in a god or gods. It has nothing to do with science, evolution, quantum physics, or anything else you mentioned. I don’t know a single atheist who believes that any god is real, otherwise they would not be atheist.

After the disbelief in a god or gods, there are no more stereotypes that you can lump atheists into with certainty. There are atheists who are pro-life, there are atheists who don’t understand evolution, and there are plenty of atheists who are conservative politically!

When it comes to active, vocal, or outspoken atheists, they are each speaking for what they believe needs to be addressed when it comes to their individual worldviews, and what is important to them. None of them necessarily speak for each other – although many do agree with each other.

When it comes to science, and what we have discovered about our world, nothing is absolutely certain. I don’t know any atheists who think otherwise. They also take a very honorable approach to what they accept by admitting that we don’t have all of the answers. How did the universe begin? How did life start? We don’t know, and we openly admit it without hesitation. That is honorable, and honest. Asserting that a particular god is 100% real is dishonest, unless one is willing to admit, without hesitation, that they really don’t know for sure.

Why are we here? What is the reason for the universe? Those questions are philosophical, and do not enter into the realm of science in general. Philosophers have been asking this question forever, and no satisfactory answer exists. For the religious, it may be perfectly satisfying to state that we are here to serve God, but that’s an empty answer for everyone else. It means nothing.

zebulonthered - January 3, 2010

Well said, Jestson.

SG – Just because we don’t know an answer doesn’t mean we should assume one. “God did it” is not an answer. Yes, it is the answer my mother gave me when I was a child after I asked why the sky was blue. To her that was all the explanation that was needed. The real answer is because molecules in the air scatter blue light from the sun more than they scatter red light. Science answers the questions that superstition can’t.
In mathematics god = X. That is to say, when something is unknown people tend to claim god did it. Why can’t you just say it? “I don’t know”…Then we can all look for the real answers together. 🙂

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