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There Are No Chosen People December 28, 2009

Posted by jetson in Personal.
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All humans are here on this planet as a result of the Theory of Evolution. We are all descendants of lower life forms, no matter what religion you want to cling to. So far, no information has caused the ToE to crumble, and until or unless something comes along to topple the ToE, it is all we have. We are just animals, who happen to have large brains, capable of what we have decided is intelligence. Yes, humans came up with the very idea of intelligence, and we have defined it on our terms, through science.

We think we are more intelligent than other species because we are capable of things that no other species has accomplished. That’s a fair way to look at the human species in my book. We have used our intelligence to demystify most of the things we did not understand when humans first began to express thoughts, ideas, and ask questions. Obviously, we still have a way to go to shed the remaining mysteries such as how life got started, and how our universe began (if it wasn’t a part of a multi-verse itself.) Many hard working scientists are searching for answers as we speak, because shedding the mysteries and turning them into useful knowledge has helped us in many positive ways (I realize that science sometimes results in destruction as well.)

All humans are animals of the same species, and we come in every conceivable size, shape, skin color, ethnicity, and geography. The evidence from history has the species coming from what is now the continent of Africa, along with new evidence of another location in China (shh, don’t tell Adam and Eve). From wherever we started, even if we evolved from multiple locations, we are, from a scientific perspective, the same. No human is superior, no human is unique, and sorry, but no human is “chosen” by a god.

The Bible describes Gods chosen people more than once. The main problem with this is that Christians also claim that ALL humans are Gods children. So, I guess the African humans captured and brought to America to be slaves, were Gods children, but were not a part of the “chosen”. I wonder why? Perhaps it is because those who enslaved some of Gods children were reading The very same Bible, where it clearly supports slavery, and reminds us that there is actually a group of people chosen by God. If Gods chosen people does not include the black slaves of early America, then it is also quite clear that black slaves were not Gods children. You see, you just can’t have it both ways. The idea that there is a loving father figure who created ALL humans in his likeness, and loves them ALL as His children, sounds great – until you notice that God has a problem with far more humans than exist in the “chosen” group. I have to wonder why God allowed some of His children to be brutally ripped apart as families, taken from their continent, bought and sold like cattle, and finally set free after some white men argued about it for a hundred years? Not to mention the fact that God condones and commands that certain humans be slaughtered because they were heathens, according to Exodus.

I think I know what Christians want everyone to believe. They want us to believe that God created humans, and that ALL humans must worship God, and follow Gods laws, and gain eternal salvation. Sounds interesting, until you realize that the same old song and dance has been invented and re-invented thousands of times throughout human history, each one taking from the other, and adding their own twists and turns in an attempt to make it more palatable. Or until you decide you want to be gay, or until you decide you want to masturbate, or any number of abominations in the eyes of God. What a pity, that we are all supposed to be Gods children, made in His likeness, but filled with more flaws than we can count – AND – we’re fully expected to refrain from things that God doesn’t like. What a mess! No wonder we have so many new religions and religion is taking some heavy heat these days from non-believers.

The bottom line is this: gods don’t choose people, people choose gods. And if they don’t choose their god, they are indoctrinated to believe in the god of their parents. And if they are not indoctrinated, they are guilted or coerced, or forced to believe under severe penalty, including being thrown into the street as a child, or completely ostracized from your peer group. What a lovely thought that is.

Remember, choosing no god is OK. There is no reason to think you MUST believe in a god. It is a very outdated and tired way of keeping people in line, and it does not offer anything better for humans than just being a good person for the sake of being a good person. Choosing none is admirable, try it.



1. zebulonthered - December 28, 2009

I was doing some research into the bible and the flat earth verses a few weeks ago and came across some writings of the early Church fathers that can maybe shed some light on the African slavery thing.
It seems that the early Church believed the earth was flat, as did most of the world at the time. But when they were convinced of the fact that the planet was round they thought it unlikely that people could live on the underside because their “footsteps would be over their heads”. They went on to say the if there were people on the other side of the world they most certainly would not be sons of Adam, and therefore no more than animals. With this idea in place Europeans could treat other people groups however they wished.
Here is a link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flat_Earth

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