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Is God Ever at Fault? December 31, 2009

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I am participating in a discussion at the “Is God Imaginary” forum, where the question was asked “What’s a good example of evil that causes doubt in a just God?” This question is being asked of non-believers by a Christian. It is possible that the question is genuine, but I’m not convinced that this particular Christian would ever entertain the possibility that his god could be evil, and the question presumes that his god is just.

I would like to know if there are any Christians who think that it is possible that God is responsible for ANY evil at all? The reason I want to know is because some people claim that God is the creator and designer of the universe and everything in it. They further claim that humans are Gods special children, and that unless we accept God as our savior, worship Him, and let Him guide us to eternal salvation, we will end up burning in a lake of fire for all of eternity. The stakes are indeed very high for anyone who doesn’t accept God, or at least believe God is real. Let’s consider the human design.

For example, viruses. Did God create the viruses that make humans sick, or that actually kill humans? If so, why would that not be considered evil given that humans are God’s special children, the only life form capable of worshiping God? What about bacteria? Or carnivores? Why would God create an animal like the lion, that would eat a human? God put lions here on this earth, and lions will eat humans without concern for anything but their own survival. We know that humans are not a lions main diet, but we are meat, and we have been, and still are susceptible to being eaten by a lion. Sure, we have the ability to overcome the lion in various ways, thanks to our ability to outsmart lions. Nonetheless, lions are here, along with many other carnivores who would be just as satisfied eating a human, as they would any other prey. Why did God place us into a world with such meat eaters?

What about babies born with severe defects? Is that evil, and how does God, as the designer, explain why this happens at all? Why does His design involve this kind of horror? What would be so bad in designing humans such that birth defects from perfectly healthy parents are non-existent? There are babies born today missing enough brain material to render them a vegetable from birth, with zero chance for any type of conscious life. If birth defects are not evil, than what are they? Is God off the hook for these defects? And If so, who is at fault, nature?

What about tremendous weather events like hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, floods, mudslides, and earthquakes? Why did God put us in such a hostile environment, knowing that our design is unable to survive direct hits from these events. Millions of humans have been wiped out by these weather related events that are a natural part of the world God created, and ultimately placed us in it to be at the mercy of seemingly random events that we have no way of controlling. If you were a parent, would you knowingly place your child in an environment where they could be harmed or killed by your own design?

There are so many terrible things that humans have endured as a result of Gods design of either the human, or the environment the human was placed in. Are none of these things evil? Is God considered “just” in placing us in harms way knowing many of His children would be killed. Is it not evil to create the human design such that otherwise perfectly healthy parents can give birth to a child so severely defected that a life is impossible? And what are we supposed to think when the responses to these questions are as mysterious as God Himself?

I would be amazed if a Christian would step up to the plate and answer honestly, as opposed to making vague guesses as to Gods plan, or purpose, or some other ethereal reply that gets us no closer to understanding why things MUST be this way, when the designer is so powerful and all-loving. A nice “I don’t know” would even be refreshing! Let’s hear it Christians, can God EVER be evil or unjust? Or is God ALWAYS off the hook?



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