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Stop the Holocaust? January 1, 2010

Posted by jetson in Personal.
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Why didn’t God stop The Holocaust? Over six million humans were senselessly slaughtered in ways that go beyond horrifying and sickening, and this was just over seventy years ago – just like it was yesterday. Did God have the power to stop the slaughter? If you had the power to stop The Holocaust, would you do it?

I know there are still some fringe groups who can’t seem to let go of the sick idea that the white race is the ultimate race, so perhaps people like that would gladly support killing non-white humans in order to create a single race that meets their agenda. But most people, I believe, would gladly use the power to stop something so horrifying and inhuman if given the opportunity. So, why not God? Why would an all-powerful, all-loving god stand by while this slaughter of innocent lives was ongoing for years? I submit that if God has the power to stop it, then he is beyond evil for not doing so.

Society at large would expect nothing less on a smaller scale from normal adults who witness a crime and do nothing to intervene, even if it is just a quick call to the police. Assuming there is no immediate danger to the witness, doing something is generally expected. And God would not be in any danger whatsoever if He decided to intervene. He could have struck Hitler with a heart attack before he was able to carry out his plan. There are obviously numerous ways that an all-powerful, omnipotent god could have stopped the entire thing from ever occurring. So why didn’t He?

No matter what reason is given, the fact will always remain that it could have been stopped, but it wasn’t. Anybody want to discuss whether the god of The Bible is evil? Bring it.



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