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Mythological Gods January 3, 2010

Posted by jetson in Personal.
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My godless mind races with topics related to whether any god is real or not. It races with ideas and arguments that go all the way back to my years in school starting in about the sixth grade. I was being taught about the ancient mythological gods of the Greeks and Romans. The first thing that struck me was why we think the god of The Bible is actually real, when we can clearly and quickly dismiss all of the ancient, mythological gods of the past. Back then, it never really occurred to me that I could proclaim myself one of the most hated humans, an atheist!

It astounds me when people assert that God is real. I almost immediately assume that the person has never really given the idea much thought. On the contrary, through the internet, I have run across some of the most fundamental believers in existence. I think it is because of their passion for their beliefs that they are present on websites, YouTube, discussion forums, blogs, and all other forms of social media the web has to offer. After all, that’s what I am doing with atheism! And some of these people have indeed given it a lot of thought.

I’m not saying their conclusions are reasonable, because they are no more reasonable than asserting that Zeus is real. However, they firmly believe, with various levels of personal testimony, faith, writings from their holy book, and even popularity of the idea itself, that their god is actually real. It’s always the same thing, God is real because they believe he is real. All gods are indeed imaginary, and most are relegated to mythology after enough people drop the god, or the society itself collapses. But how can we assert that the god of The Bible is mythology? Because it fits perfectly.

According to wikipedia, mythology is the study of myths, and myths are “sacred narrative explaining how the world and humankind came to be in their present form.” (Wikipedia, 1st paragraph) To me, this is what The Bible attempts to do with stories such as Genesis. The wikipedia article does point out that scholars do not consider the truth or falsity of the texts, to be fair. So I’m not assuming The Bible is false. But reading Greek mythology, for example, one can find plenty of references to observable reality mixed in with the supernatural. The Bible does contain, without a doubt, references to the supernatural.

The article also points out that the main character in mythology is usually a god, or a group of gods, just like The Bible does with God. It seems to me that the only difference between all of the gods is the time, the place, and the culture(s) that believed in them. To date, there has never been a single supernatural god proven to be real using good scientific methods. Of course, that doesn’t mean they cannot exist, it simply means that none have ever been proven. My conclusion, so far, is that gods are human inventions, and all are eventually relegated to mythology, as none have been able to explain anything useful to modern humans as far as how we got here, or how the universe itself got here. That is the job of humans.

If you want to rule your life on this planet with mythology, accept one of the gods and get on with your life. If you want to enjoy your brief time on this planet without mythology, you can quite safely, and with great joy and freedom from irrational dogma, decide what you want to think, as opposed to being told what you should think each week in a church.

Humans are awesome, and we have the capacity to enjoy what we have, and what we may discover, without any concern for eternal life or hellfire, as those things are mythology, and have far less value in real life, than real life itself!



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