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God’s Moral Standards January 10, 2010

Posted by jetson in Personal.
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The idea that God (from The Bible) instilled the moral standards into the human design, seems absurd to me. Of course, as an atheist, I don’t believe God is real, so I would first need proof of God before I started accepting any other assertions about Him. But let’s imagine that God did instill human morals as part of the design of humans. What exactly are those moral standards?

That is what I really would like to know. Is there a list of them? Is it the ten commandments from the Old Testament? Is it based on a full reading and understanding of the entire Bible? Where are these morals, and do all Christians agree with them? To claim that there is a god that designed and created humans, and instilled those humans with a set of morals is one thing, but to look across the spectrum of societies, tribes, cultures, races, and geographies, is it not clear that there is no standard that we all seem to be following? Would a person who died in the burning and crumbling World Trade Center tower on September 11th agree that those who took control of the airplanes and flew them into the buildings like missiles were operating on a god instilled, or god inspired set of morals? Somehow, I doubt it. And I doubt even more that the more than six billion humans currently alive will ever agree on a set of morals. They can’t even agree on a god!

I have my own opinion on how people come to think that human morals must have come from God. It is mostly because we are told this by religious leaders. But it also comes from a real lack of knowledge about what The Bible says. It comes from listening to your church leader, instead of reading for yourself. It comes from interpreting The Bible in a way that pleases you, as opposed to reading it at face value. There may be some good morals sprinkled throughout The Bible. But as sure as there is still no proof that any god is real, there are also some extremely violent and highly immoral passages in The Bible. And if you read closely, some of the worst genocides, rapes, slavery, and child killings are ordered by yours truly, God.

So let’s hear it Christians, what are the absolute morals instilled by God? I think in this case, the list should most definitely be exhaustive and clear. I’ll wait…



1. Arius - January 10, 2010

It would seem that god’s ethics supercede humanties by way of Kierkegaard’s Teleological Suspension of the Ethical. This dismissses the Christian claim that our morality and ethics are attained through divinity.

Nice piece.

2. Adam - January 10, 2010

“So let’s hear it Christians, what are the absolute morals instilled by God? I think in this case, the list should most definitely be exhaustive and clear. I’ll wait…”

Christ spent a large portion of his ministry preaching against the religious leaders who came up with exhaustive and clear lists of morality. Instead, he taught that love is the ultimate law. And his apostles echoed the call – “For the whole law is summed up in a single commandment, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”


[I’m not trying to gloss over your criticisms; just answering the question in the simplest way I can]

jetson - January 10, 2010

Well, I think the world would be a far better place if most of its religious leaders would step away from the pulpit! Obviously, there are some very humble, honest, and trustworthy religious leaders, but their image is tainted by many others who preach hatred, bigotry, and intolerance.

Can I, as an atheist, follow that single law from Jesus, in your opinion? Or do I need to first accept Jesus as my savior?

Adam - January 11, 2010

You’re right – I don’t need to tell you that we’ve had some terrible leaders. I do hesitate to send all of them away though; fundamentalism seems to have a lot of support from people who haven’t read the entire bible.

The idea that seems most right to me is Karl Rahner’s theory of ‘Anonymous Christians.’ If you follow that single law, you are accepting Jesus as your savior. It’s hard to imagine Christ condemning say, Gandhi, simply because he was factually wrong about some theology. There’s more than one way to truth.

3. XXX - July 24, 2010


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