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Is Earth a Perfect World? January 16, 2010

Posted by jetson in Personal.
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I think that most people would answer no, earth is not a perfect world. But I also know that there are those who believe that earth was created intentionally, by God, for humans to dominate and call their home until they die and go to heaven. Those people would have a difficult time claiming that earth is not perfect, because it would be admitting that God did not create it perfectly. They tend to blame the bad things on humans. For example, someone tried to tell me that the world was perfect, until God flooded the entire planet in order to kill all of the sinning humans and start fresh. That flood is what triggered things like earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and mudslides. You know, the tragic events of nature that sometimes manage to kill thousands of humans and animals in their wake. Thank God for that.

The recent earthquake in Haiti is an example of what humans see as natural events that we cannot control. Those events are sometimes very tragic, as we can see by the death toll in Haiti, so far. But again, many humans believe that God made a perfect world for us, so they need to have an answer to the question about why God would create such a world where humans, Gods children, are put in harms way on a fairly regular basis. There are even some who believe that those killed in such tragedies were taken by God to a better world. And not to be left out, there are also those who think that God chose to wipe out a certain batch of humans because they are not worshiping him properly, or they are somehow displeasing to God. Despite these various explanations of Gods perfect earth, I can say that earth is amazing.

But I say that without knowing much about the possible planets out there that could be even more amazing. So far, we can only guess that planets that can sustain life such as ours are extremely rare. But we don’t really know what lies beyond our guesses. We are just now discovering things at the deepest levels of earths oceans! Humans are usually in awe of natures beauty here on earth. Even more beautiful, at least to some, are the vast reaches of space with nebulae, galaxies, stars and darkness beyond imagination. And here, among the vastness of the universe, we live on this amazing little planet.

To be sure, I believe we are guests, and lucky ones at that. We are each lucky to have been born at all. How many human eggs are dispatched without being fertilized? And yet, over 6 billion of them managed to be fertilized and be alive at this point in human history. Still, humans are a biological rarity. And we are guests on this amazing planet because we don’t really live that long.

No, the earth is not perfect, but we all know that. If God created the earth, as humans we would never be able to comprehend his definition of perfection on such a scale. We cannot reconcile our beliefs in an almighty god with what we must live through on this planet. It is impossible for humans to enter the mind of God and completely understand its intentions when it comes to the planet we live on. In fact, we can drop God altogether, and notice that the earth we live on is evolving and changing exactly as it would if there were no god behind its design.

Earth is not perfect. Earth is our one and only home, and it has amazing beauty, and devastating natural disasters. After all, it’s just a rock, circling a sun, invisible to everything in the universe but us.



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