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God Can Defend Himself January 28, 2010

Posted by jetson in Personal.
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I read a lot of opinions and thoughts in the various blogs and forums that I frequent. I just picked up on the idea that God, if real, can certainly defend himself against any kind of opposition in the world. Seriously, if he is all powerful, the last thing he needs is a pack of apologists running around trying to defend him against those who don’t believe. I mean how much harm can I possibly do as an outspoken atheist? I don’t really have any original thoughts on atheism. I’m just regurgitating much of what I have heard, felt, or been exposed to.

The pettiness of humans and their thoughts about God points out how ridiculous it would be to imagine that a real god needs to be defended by his followers. Maybe to God, an atheist is just like a little baby who isn’t getting his way, and is throwing a temper tantrum. If that is true, then surely it doesn’t help to have believers rally to God’s aid, verbally vomiting their beliefs across the bow of the blasphemous in an attempt to look good in Gods eyes. What a sad picture that brings up.

I am an atheist. God is not real. God cannot possibly hurt me because he is an imaginary invention of human beings who have a strong need to believe that there is some divine meaning to our existence. God is an idea, and it’s not a particularly good idea either. There is literally nothing good that a believer can do that a non-believer cannot also do. No god is necessary to be a decent member of the society one lives in. God, if he were actually real, probably gets a great chuckle out of people like me, down here acting like I know what’s going on. Like a father who laughs at the first act of defiance from his young child!

Trust me, God needs no help from his faithful flock of followers. An insignificant little infidel like me is not going to make one single bit of difference in Gods plans. In fact, I will go wholly and completely unnoticed by God.



1. Adam - January 28, 2010

Just because you don’t need help from someone doesn’t mean their life doesn’t make a single bit of difference to you.

I don’t think most apologists, at least in mainstream Christianity, see themselves as defending God. I think they see themselves more as removing stumbling blocks that stop people from having a relationship with God.

Jetson - January 29, 2010

Well, if any god cared about me, I have yet to notice. What do you think is wrong with me?

Adam - January 31, 2010

Ha, I don’t think I know you well enough to answer that question

2. zebulonthered - February 7, 2010

If god is all powerful and all knowing your atheism was in his plan from before the dawn of time. You know, in the same way the Holocaust and Aids were in his plans from the start.

Jetson - February 7, 2010

Indeed. According to many, I have the free will to deny God! And by doing so, I will surely burn for all eternity. That’s why I choose atheism!

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