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Creationists, You Were Lied To February 6, 2010

Posted by jetson in Personal.
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I feel sorry for some of you, but not for those of you who remain steadfastly ignorant, on purpose, of how life has evolved on our planet. The ones I feel sorry for are young children who are being deliberately lied to by people who think that the stories in Genesis reflect the actual truth about how the world and its life came to be, by the hand of their god. As a parent, I find it reprehensible that some parents allow their children to be dogmatically and religiously indoctrinated into a system of mythology and superstition that requires absolute suspension of disbelief, in order to hold on to their warm blanket of God.

Richard Dawkins has said that believing that the earth is less than ten thousand years old is equivalent to believing that the distance between New York and San Francisco is less than ten meters. That is a scale of ignorance that defies logic, even to a young child. Yet every day, children are lied to, on purpose, by people who think they are doing right by their god, that they are somehow defending the honor of their god by plugging their ears whenever observable reality steps in and say’s hello.

If you still want to believe that a god worked its magic and created everything, I can’t stop you, nor would I want to. But I will actively voice my opinion and concern when you deliberately lie to children by teaching them that something written by an unknown story teller, thousands of years ago, before humans learned what shape the planet is, is a fact. And when you teach them that science is wrong, and that science is atheist, or that science hates gods, or any other conflation between what real scientists have learned and contributed to humanity, you show your willingness to actually lie to your own children. For these things I will always speak out, and remind creationists that they were lied to by someone.

We can remove the ignorance that has spread over the most powerful and free country in all of humanity if we just stop allowing mythology and superstition to insert itself where it does not belong. If parents want to take their children to church, and teach them about their religious beliefs, I have no problem at all with that (although I think that children should always be allowed to decide about religion when they are old enough to decide on their own.) Just keep your religion out of the public education system, stop worrying about what science is doing if you don’t care to embrace it, and don’t lie to your children on purpose just to defend your personal superstitions. It’s embarrassing as a fellow human to see this happening.



1. Adam - February 7, 2010

It’s really quite embarrassing to most of us Christians too. All the major world churches have made sure to explicitly note that theology and evolution are completely compatible – exception of the Southern Baptist Convention in the US. Sadly, the debate got politicized into left-wing v right-wing lines over a century ago.

2. harold - February 22, 2010

sounds like someone needs anger management.
my embarrassed fellow humans, there are more things to
think about, talk about and fix, then we will ever be able to do in our godless lifetimes.

of course by the arrogance and anger in your post, it’s a good bet you know that already.
of course you do. you see in it this world every day as you step over that homeless family on the way to your volvo…
so you can drive quickly thru the slums…
to your solar paneled house in the suburbs…
filled with your made by a slave crap…
curl up on your couch with your granola…
and watch the head on your 70 in. screen …
tell you how sad this godless, shitty world is.

maybe this godless world wouldn’t be so shitty
if my “fellow humans” got off there asses and did something other then make fun of people.

the next time you gum flappers want to flap, why not do it in front of your wal mart mirror.

Jetson - February 22, 2010

You have your concerns, I have mine. I do like how you figured out exactly how I live my life, when you don’t even know me! Magical!

3. Tim Cooley - February 22, 2010

They’ll just say “Evolutionists, you were lied to.”
Evidence doesn’t mean anything to these IDiots.

4. harold - February 23, 2010

i know you sa

jetson - February 23, 2010

Cool! Should we have lunch?

5. bradley - May 5, 2010

Tim, you make me sad a little. You’re so young. I’ll attribute “idiots” to your age, but you seem to “know WAY more” than the wisdom of so many generations before you. I was similar to you when I was a kid, but not as bold. I’m not saying that you are going to fall on your face as hard and bad as I ended up doing, but I dread what I fear you are going to learn the hard way.

Best of luck to your life. If you ever find yourself without answers, Tim, there will always be someone close by to help you in your time of need.

6. Tim Cooley - May 6, 2010

you got me too late. i’ve already become a satanist.

bradley - May 6, 2010

Yeah, that’s cool. Satan is a little bitch though. You’re not a little bitch are you? 😀

Jetson - May 6, 2010

Satan was the only reasonable character in Genesis as far as I can tell!

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