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The World is Changing, Get Over It. August 29, 2010

Posted by jetson in Personal.
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I simply cannot let my personal views on gods and religions go as public as I would like. But one day, I hope I can stand shoulder to shoulder with anyone, and be a non-believer, without fear of ridicule. I’ve been told that post-modernism is creating too much change within society, and that this change is immoral, or at least bad. The changes are things like same-sex marriage (equal rights for consenting legal adults), abortion (a woman’s right to control what happens to her own body), and the building of Mosques in New York City (which I happen to think is a really bad idea, and I do not support it at all).

Immigration is another point of contention. Our great country, our melting pot that used to welcome everyone, has become intolerant to pretty much anything that many consider wrong, bad, or immoral. And where do they get these views? The Bible! Or the Koran, in the case of Muslims. Yes, we all have to bow to the superior morals and teachings of some religious group (overwhelmingly Christian in the USA.) Apparently, we all have to sit back and pay close attention to those Christians, as they obviously know what is best for us all.

I have my own message for these morally superior Christians. The world is changing, get over it. The real problem here is that they don’t like things changing. They truly want everything to be “the way it used to be”, whatever that is (and boy is it different for each of them!) I say, too bad Christians, you are not the boss of me, or of anyone. And the fact that you don’t like something is fairly unimportant on the grand scheme. Big deal, I say. Get over yourselves.

This country is NOT a Christian nation. It is a mix of religions. Christianity is popular here, I get it. But that’s about where it ends. Keep your Christian beliefs, and your Muslim beliefs, and all other forms of dogmatic thinking and ancient mythology, to yourselves. Nobody cares what you think, any more than they care what I think, as a non-believer. The difference from where I stand, is that I have no intention of asking Christians or Muslims to behave differently because I don’t agree with them. I want them to enjoy their beliefs, and LEAVE EVERYONE ELSE ALONE. If you don’t like the United States, go find your own country – this one DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU.

You see how that works? Christians, you don’t own this country. Period. You can’t even get your own religion together to the extent that each Christian denomination agrees with each other. Leave the rest of us alone, for God’s sake! If I was going to get on my knees and pray, I would pray that your God would send you all a message to behave, and to live, and let live. Isn’t that what Jesus was all about? (don’t answer that!)

Anyway, the United States is changing. It has always been changing. It is changing because people and attitudes are changing. Things are NOT the way they used to be, precisely because PEOPLE are not what they used to be. In fact, if recent studies that show a rise in non-belief, or abandonment of religion are true, I would say that people are tired of being told how to act based on mythology, and invisible sky characters. People are tired of hearing the bigotry and hatred against homosexuals, and they are tired of being told that everything they do is a sin. They are tired of allowing Islamic extremists to impose Sharia law on otherwise innocent humans. It’s all very, very sick, and very sad.

I KNOW I am a good person. I don’t sin, I never have. I make mistakes, just like everyone else. I learn how to be a better person by making adjustments to my behaviors and attitudes, and by maturing over time. I try to teach others, like my child, how to think, and how to consider the world around them. I support any activity that attempts to remove unnecessary division created by dogmas and stupid ideologies.

The world is changing. We have a black president from a mixed parent family. We have women on the Supreme Court. We have states that fully support and recognize that consenting adults should be allowed to be married, just like everyone else. These things are not open to debate on whether they are good. They are simply the right thing to do. No one has moral superiority no matter what group they are in. But everyone has the capacity, and should have the ability to allow each of us to live peacefully among each other without ridicule and harm.

Get over yourselves, you’re truly embarrassing to the human race if you can’t.



1. Doug Wildman - September 1, 2010

If anything, I feel that post-modernism has helped to deepen my faith.

2. bradley - September 3, 2010

Well said, Doug. I don’t think it’s “the Christians that don’t like change” that’s eating Jetson up… it’s the unchanging Truth.

3. jetson - September 3, 2010

To be fair, I am referring to Christians who truly believe they are morally superior to everyone else. I have met plenty of Christians who do not think this way, and I respect them for that.

Maybe you can enlighten me on the “unchanging truth”?

4. bradley - September 4, 2010

people hurt people, but we’re just human…

people mean well, but we’re just human…

some people feel remorse for hurting people, and need forgiveness…

Jesus died so people can understand and receive that forgiveness…

people that understand that forgiveness can forgive others for the same reason…

…but we’re all still human

I’m amazed you don’t see it… it’s painfully obvious.

jetson - September 4, 2010

I can totally agree with your reply with one exception. Jesus is not required! What is painfully obvious to someone like me, is that I, and many millions of others on this planet, are doing, and continue to do exactly what you have listed, but we do it without the need to include an ancient story of a man who died on a cross.

If a Christian sees all non-Christians as woefully lacking in hurt, well meaning, or forgiveness, then that Christian will NEVER see the painfully obvious fact that Jesus is not a requirement for anything outside of a specific religion created in his name.

5. bradley - September 4, 2010

Well, that’s the beauty and righteousness of God. “While we’re still sinners Christ died for us” [Rom 5:8]

…but… I don’t think you really believe the Truth do you? Why would you insist on holding Christians, or anyone else for that matter, to God’s standard? Surely you understand we’re only human, right? I’m starting to think atheists have no reason at all.

jetson - September 4, 2010

No, it’s what you want to believe is the beauty and righteousness of your god. That is your belief, not mine.

I don’t hold anyone to any standard beyond the golden rule. And as I said, I agreed with everything that you listed as “Truth”, with one exception.

If there is a god, then that god is free to send me to everlasting hell for not believing. But that god would have no other reason to do such a thing other than my honest disbelief in its existence.

Shamelessly Atheist - September 6, 2010

bradley, bradley, bradley… There’s that unexplained “Truth” again. What is this “Truth”? And are you saying that because we are humans we can not judge the actions of Christians on the basis of our personal ethics? Balderdash.

I can’t speak for jetson, but I hold not only Christians, but Muslims, Jews and yes, atheists to the one standard that matters to me- MINE. And, you know what? If I thought the god of the Bible actually existed, I would hold that deity up to my standard, too! Why? Because I have the capability of doing so. And if that god existed I would never worship such a monstrosity.

So, unless you are finally going to put up (i.e., explain this “Truth” you keep mentioning) and open it up for scrutiny, I’d suggest cramming it. You are indeed one of those smug Christians with that false sense of superiority that jetson is talking about.

6. bradley - September 5, 2010

meh… you post the hate posts, not me. πŸ˜‰

jetson - September 5, 2010

You see it as hate. But it is not hate at all. What does Jesus say about hate?

Shamelessly Atheist - September 6, 2010

Don’t mind bradley, jetson. He wouldn’t know the “Truth” if it bit him on the ass. He talks big with no substance. He’s never bothered to actually explain what this “Truth” is. And anyone who doesn’t understand this uncharacterized “Truth” must hate him. I don’t hate bradley at all. But he’s a fool playing word games. Comments a lot but has nothing of substance to say. Even the stuff he gets right is banal. Humans are human. I get that. He gets that. But for him it means something else which (surprise, surprise!) he doesn’t explain.

7. bradley - September 7, 2010


8. Legend - September 13, 2010

Jet, do you believe Satan is real?

Jetson - September 13, 2010

I certainly hope not! πŸ™‚

Seriously, no I don’t believe Satan is real. Of course, I could never prove it either!

Here’s a thought: How does anyone know for sure that The Bible was not written by Satan?

9. bradley - September 13, 2010

because it would have fallen apart in confusion and destruction. πŸ˜‰

Jetson - September 14, 2010

“It”? meaning The Bible? or the world?

10. bradley - September 14, 2010

the bible, isn’t that what you were asking about?

Jetson - September 14, 2010

Well, destruction was confusing.

Since there is plenty of death, destruction, and confusion in The Bible, how can you be absolutely certain it was not written by Satan?

My thought is that God could be watching to see who swallowed The Bible as truth (written by Satan). Maybe the New Testament was human’s attempt to separate from the death and destruction in the OT. Read Hebrews 8.

11. bradley - September 14, 2010

Well, I get what you’re saying. The problem, though, is with the vocabulary and the issue of only seeing God’s Will in hindsight. So, for purpose of conversation, I see it as…

Satan COULD have had his hands in writing parts, though the nature of Satan would have caused destruction through those parts. A close relationship with God is supposed to help in discerning false teaching, or whatever. The only REAL way to know is in examining which teaching leads to destruction and which leads to life. That which is Life, is of God… and so on.

Even that gets complicated, though. In addition to that we have to apply a dynamic scale for measuring the result, caused by having an infinite God. I don’t think we can accurately pin point a consistent measure of what truly leads in which direction.

As for the NT being a deception… We can only really examine the result. I, personally, can testify to the life-giving nature of it. Jews and Muslims would see it differently, though… as would anyone not needing the gospel. But, the gospel doesn’t really seem to be designed for everyone on Earth to experience life… only those desiring to have Life through Jesus Christ.

12. Tim Cooley - October 10, 2010

Bradley, since God doesn’t exist, where did you get your morals from?

13. Legend - October 11, 2010

@ Tim, but isn’t that exactly the point? Many people are moral, who have no belief in god. Can’t it be a safe assumption, then, to say you don’t need to believe in a god to be moral? That it would’ve eventually dawned on us that we can achieve more if we work collectively, then by just killing each other.

Legend - October 11, 2010

@ Tim, just read your other comments on this blog. I see your position on these matters. Christian, agnostic maybe?

14. Tim Cooley - October 11, 2010

My comment was in direct response to Bradley’s circular nonsense. Everything he has said so far has been lacking substance, with few references to “Unchanging Truth” and other false premises, which are somehow supposed to prove his point. All his arguments have been void of meaning. This discussion will go nowhere until he starts to speak some sense.

15. bradley - October 11, 2010


Legend - October 11, 2010

@bradley, …………………I don’t see what was funny about his comment. I’m sure it’s just me, though.

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