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The Modern Word February 6, 2011

Posted by jetson in Personal.
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In this age of instant information, I was wondering why God could not use tweets, youtube videos, and instant messaging to update the masses? I mean, strictly speaking, there has never been a time in human history when information from just about any corner of the globe cannot be instantly routed to the entire world, and in multiple languages! So, why not?

Assuming God is real, and is the creator of the universe, then God would be fully aware of these technologies, and would also be aware that there is literally no more effective way to spread the word to so many humans. And just imagine if twitter accounts and youtube accounts were spontaneously created with no apparent “owner”, followed by scads of messages from God himself. This would be epic, and worthy of consideration from atheists like me. To be fair though, it would have to be verified.

Verification, admittedly, would be tough. But hey, maybe the messages could contain personal details unique to each receiver, that could only be known by those closest to the person. What group is that powerful? So, it would not be impossible. Not to mention that some of the messages could be a precise prediction of the future, with enough detail to remove doubt. Who knows.

Wouldn’t God be powerful enough to transmit to everyone’s electronic devices, a unique message for each person, all simultaneously? Seems doable, if you’re omnipotent.

God, if you’re real, IM me. You know my address!



1. bradley - February 7, 2011

You wouldn’t believe it was God if he did IM you. 😉

2. jetson - February 7, 2011

I’m sure that if God is real, and wanted to IM me, he could easily convince me! For example, he could IM me and start a conversation that my own mother wouldn’t even know about! Details of things that I have done, for example, that could not be known by anyone else.

Actually, that would be kind of creepy. Do you think God really knows every intimate detail of my life?

3. bradley - February 7, 2011

Well see, that’s the thing. Even in your original post you set up conditions for his interaction with you to be believable.

You act like you’d be doing God a favor to believe in him. Like he needs to kiss your ass and jump through hoops… and then, maybe, you’d consider throwing him a little worship.

…he already washed the feet of his disciples, tore the temple veil, and died on the cross for you. I mean, come on… If you don’t feel the love after that, I really don’t think you can.

But, who knows…

I am amused, though… I sense a classic case of “Oh we’re so modern and intelligent now… who would still believe that rubbish.” How egotistical can you be? 😀 Do you really think you’re so much smarter than everyone who lived before us? Come on Jetson… lol…

Disbelief is not some kind of new enlightenment… people all around Jesus failed to believe. It doesn’t take a genius to not believe… they probably still thought the earth was held up by a huge stone pillar.

And, to answer your question. Yes, every hair on your head.

4. jetson - February 7, 2011

God is not real to me, so these are just thought experiments! But as it goes, I am only trying to figure out how to confirm the whole god thing. And I can’t think of a better way than for God to just say hi. I know it’s difficult for believers to imagine something so abhorrent, like asking for real proof of God, as opposed to taking it all on pure faith.

Besides, who are you to question my relationship with God? Did God tell you to judge me as you have? Are you so knowledgable of God and his mysterious ways as to be able to conclusively tell me exactly how I should treat, or be treated by God?

I think not. You’re just another human, like me. And while you believe God is real, I don’t see any reason to. All I’m asking for is a reason to believe. And so far, I have found nothing.

5. bradley - February 8, 2011

Well, asking God for help believing is not without precedent. Mark 9:14-29 is one of my favorite passages… especially verse 24.

That’s powerful stuff… and speaks volumes about the reality and nature of our faith.

jetson - February 8, 2011

Jesus is not here to do that stuff any more, so that’s out. Got anything else? Just kidding actually…

The Bible is loaded with all sorts of stories where the characters in the story are said to have witnessed or experienced something that caused them to start believing. But those days are over. There are no human characters on earth right now that are actually God.

Since the death of Jesus, if you believe the Bible, the only thing left is faith. I can’t make that leap, and if God is real, he knows that, and I am obviously doomed. Apparently I have to lie to everyone just to become part of the club. No thanks.

6. bradley - February 10, 2011

You’re exactly right that we only have faith now. That story is epic, though, man. It spells out your exact sentiment all in that one story. There is almost no difference between then and today.

The man’s son was likely afflicted with epilepsy or something similar. I’m sure he was told by all of the physicians that there was nothing that could be done. Even the “teachers of the law” were probably arguing about the cause of his affliction being the reason the disciples were unable to heal him. “Who were THEY to heal an affliction put forth as punishment.”

That’s exactly how we view things today. Some illnesses just “go away on their own” or we “don’t understand that science yet.” Two thousand years have gone by and we are still in the same predicament. There are laws that govern life and we feel hopelessly inadequate to call upon the mystery. We do try to understand the mystery, but we struggle with having faith in the mystery.

You’re right about Jesus showing people exactly what they needed to believe. This story is only about faith needed without the benefit of Jesus’ miracles to witness, though. Yes, Jesus healed the boy, but only while alluding to the notion of his departure. Very soon they would be back to the same situation prior to Christ’s life on earth. A time when faith alone is all we have. Verse 24 is no small element. True faith is hard to fake. We can’t achieve it on our on. It’s only by the grace of God that we hope to possess it.

Being unable to make that leap is no different than any of the religious folk that couldn’t make that leap during Jesus’ life. They already “figured God out”. They had him in a box, even. There was no mystery left to have faith in.

Diseases “go away for reasons we don’t understand yet”, there’s no mystery left to have faith in. Might as well just sit back and wait for scientists to figure it out and tell us how to do it. Put that illness in a box…

7. zebulonthered - February 22, 2011

I see we are still going at it. 🙂

8. bradley - February 24, 2011

I’m still breathing. Hah!

What’s up, my main man? 😀

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