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The Modern Word February 6, 2011

Posted by jetson in Personal.
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In this age of instant information, I was wondering why God could not use tweets, youtube videos, and instant messaging to update the masses? I mean, strictly speaking, there has never been a time in human history when information from just about any corner of the globe cannot be instantly routed to the entire world, and in multiple languages! So, why not?

Assuming God is real, and is the creator of the universe, then God would be fully aware of these technologies, and would also be aware that there is literally no more effective way to spread the word to so many humans. And just imagine if twitter accounts and youtube accounts were spontaneously created with no apparent “owner”, followed by scads of messages from God himself. This would be epic, and worthy of consideration from atheists like me. To be fair though, it would have to be verified.

Verification, admittedly, would be tough. But hey, maybe the messages could contain personal details unique to each receiver, that could only be known by those closest to the person. What group is that powerful? So, it would not be impossible. Not to mention that some of the messages could be a precise prediction of the future, with enough detail to remove doubt. Who knows.

Wouldn’t God be powerful enough to transmit to everyone’s electronic devices, a unique message for each person, all simultaneously? Seems doable, if you’re omnipotent.

God, if you’re real, IM me. You know my address!